Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ways to Use Wordle

So... I know many of us have used Wordle for powerpoints, to fill space on websites or to look fancy during a staff presentation, but there are some great uses for your students too.  Here are some of my thoughts:
- Character trait Worlde for a main character
- Synonym/ Antonym activity
- Vocabulary scramble
- Guess Who game by creating individual Wordles then viewing them as a class and have the students guess (Community building activity)
- Like Vicki mentioned in her comment... Unit ending activity
- Brainstorming

... the list could continue.  Please share if you have more ideas that come to mind! -KC

1 comment:

  1. I use Wordle at the beginning of the school year. I make one for each class with all the students favorites (color, sport, band, book, superhero, etc.) to get a snapshot of the class. Then I print it out and hang it up. It's very cool to see the differences between classes and helpful when personalizing a problem or activity.