Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jigsaw Planet

Mary Kate and I stumbled across this awesome website called

It's an awesome website that allows you to complete puzzles online by moving the puzzle pieces around the board.  There is an opportunity for you to create your own puzzles of your own pictures.  The size of pieces can be changed to make the puzzle easier or more difficult.

Here is an example of a puzzle I created:

Check back for ideas for classroom usage! -KC


  1. This is such a cool website! I can see using this puzzle activity as an icebreaker in the beginning of the year. I will have pictures of the classroom and various places around school. The students will work together to put the pictures together to see what their school looks like. You could definitely differentiate this puzzle because there are is an option for easy, medium, or hard.

  2. Mary Kate's comment made me think about ESOL students who are newcomers. They need to learn what the different places in the school look like and what they are called. I wonder if you can write on the puzzle or put text on it somehow to help ESOL students visually as well as with learning the language?

  3. I'm curious how this could really be used in a classroom. Mary Kate and Annie have some thoughts, but I'm not sure that making a jigsaw puzzle would provide much more than a little fun.

  4. Thank you for introducing us to this website! I really like to possibilities it offers to teachers. This year I played a game with my students where it would take away squares to reveal a logo and they had to guess what it was before all of the squares were removed. I imagine this site would work well if you had students guessing what the puzzle would create based on its progression!