Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get to know Kahoot!

Hi All,

I wanted to take a little time to introduce and discuss Kahoot (!  This is a new Web 2.0 tool that was introduced during our last course by a classmate.  To access Kahoot visit  Kahoot is a game based classroom response system that allows account holders to create questions, quizzes, discussions and surveys.  Accounts are free and require a username, e-mail address and password.  Kahoot can be accessed using any web browser on tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

To create a Kahoot (which is a quiz/survey/discussion) begin by creating an account.

Select a style of Kahoot (quiz/survey/discussion) then begin by following the prompts to title the project.  Questions then can be created with possible answers.  Kahoot also has an option to imbed pictures and videos.  After creating the questions, the creator adds the possible answers.  The correct answer is identified by clicking on the red "incorrect" button so now the correct answer is identified.  A tool bar at the bottom of the page offers the creator options to create more questions, cancel the question or move onto the next step which is settings.  Next Kahoot gives the creator an option to add a cover image.  Once the creator has completed the quiz, survey or discussion a code is generated to allow individuals to access the Kahoot.

Check back in to see how Kahoot can be used in the classroom!
Thanks!- KC


  1. This is such a great tool! I'm so glad you chose to share more information about it. I've only used it briefly for a few simple yes or no questions during a professional development session with staff. I didn't realize you can embed photos and videos! I'm curious to see how you can use Kahoot for discussion. Looking forward to finding out more ways to use Kahoot! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Kahoot seems like it would be great for a quick review game, but my only issue would be having my students use their cell phones to use it.

    I definitely need to fiddle around with it more! Thanks for providing some good directions!

  3. I definitely came to attention when he broke out the Kahoot! website. I would have the same issue as Cate, though, and I don't know that it would be worth going to the computer lab for one question..can you do more than one question? Would they have to be individual links?

  4. I think using Kahoot would be something different and engaging in the classroom. At my school a grade level has access to a portable computer cart, I was thinking we could use Kahoot on the computer instead of the phones. I think this would be a great tool to use as a review game.